What parents say…


Our daughter was struggling with Spanish, and good friends of ours referred us to Amy. What a discovery!  Amy worked to find ways of connecting with our daughter and helping her to really understand the material, work on her pronunciation, and build her confidence.  She is dedicated, extremely knowledgeable, and a wonderful person to boot. We are so thankful we found her! ~ Frank & Stephanie G.

Amy was an amazing tutor for my son in Spanish.  Her caring demeanor and ability to teach the lessons were fantastic. She was so supportive, with extra at home worksheets for him to use as study guides.  She is easy to communicate with and was so flexible with our crazy schedule. I would highly recommend Amy Kirsch. ~Sandi S.

Amy has been working with our family for over one year, providing individualized instruction to both of my children, students of Spanish 4 and Spanish 1. Amy successfully collaborates with their classroom teachers and has a strong sense of how to engage them, often finding different and creative ways in order to make the curriculum more meaningful. She brings forth a high level of experience and knowledge, not just of the curriculum, but of the Spanish language. She is passionate about sharing her love of the language while helping my children achieve mastery in this subject. ~ Lisa B.

Schoolwork has never come easy to our son unless it is for a subject that he has an interest. Memorization and repetition have never been tools that he uses willingly. He was placed in first year high school Spanish two weeks after the school year began which put him at a great disadvantage. His grades reflected his difficulties, and his teacher was unable to assist him with his struggles.

We found Amy and can honestly say that he would never have successfully gotten through that first year without her. Amy connects with our son and has found techniques to study and learn that work with his learning style. Amy continued to work with our son throughout the summer which allowed him to enter his second year of Spanish ready to succeed. He would never have passed Spanish without an amazing tutor. I honestly believe that his success is not just due to the fact that we found him a tutor, but because we found him the right tutor! Amy finds a way to make repetitive subject matter interesting and do-able in his mind.  That has made all of the difference in the world! ~ Tom and Sheri L.

Amy is a dedicated and thoughtful Spanish tutor. She has helped my 14 year old son become more confident in his Spanish abilities. She always goes the extra mile while sincerely caring about his success. ~ Jean Ann K.

Amy has tutored our daughter through three years of high school Spanish. With Amy’s support, our daughter has enjoyed the benefits of improved grades and increased fluency. Amy is just what you want in a tutor – knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient. Her passion for language is obvious, and our daughter looks forward to her session with Amy every week. I wholeheartedly recommend Amy to anyone looking for a Spanish tutor. ~ Craig and Jackie F.

What students say…

I really enjoyed my sessions with Amy. I was really struggling, and Amy helped me become more confident with concepts and pronunciation. She is very nice and funny, and made me feel very comfortable. We worked together through Spanish 1 and 2, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have done nearly as well without her help and encouragement! ~ Jackie G. 

Amy was a fantastic tutor for me. She helped build my confidence so that I could succeed in Spanish level 3. She is insightful and knowledgeable and it is evident that she has a strong passion to teach and help others. ~ Alyssa B

I love working with Amy! She makes learning Spanish fun and is so creative. My speaking, reading, and writing skills have improved so much over the 3 years we’ve worked together. ~ Holly F.

I really enjoy my tutoring sessions with Amy. I feel much more confident and prepared now, and my test grades have improved as a result. ~ Will K.

Amy has creative and fun ways to explain concepts. I have a better understanding of Spanish than I ever imagined, and my grade went from an F to a B! I can actually say that I enjoy Spanish now. ~ Brody L.